Nearby hotels

New students who arrived at UTM within office hour (8:00 AM – 5:00 PM) may directly go to International Student Centre (ISC) for further information and directions. However, for students who arrived after office hour, we kindly advice you to rent nearby hotels and come to ISC on the next day. As listed are hotels […]

Accommodation Rate

For new international students who are interested to apply accommodation in UTM for the following semester, please complete this form and e-mail it to or to Please attach your arrival date for reservation purposes. The closing date is 16 August 2011. #Availability based on first come first serve basis. Payments are to be […]

UTM Dress Code

1. Students MUST PUT ON their MATRIC CARD at all times while in campus/premises. The Matric Card MUST BE WORN and DISPLAYED at chest level. Please take note that student will not be attended in ISC if they failed to put on their matric card. 2. Students are expected TO BE CLEAN, WELL GROOMED and […]

Visa Application

One of International Student Centre (ISC) responsibilities is as a liaison unit between UTM International Students and The Immigration Department of Malaysia. All international students are required to apply their student pass and social visit pass for their immediate dependent through ISC. New students are adviced not to enter Malaysia too soon before the actual […]

The Do’s and the Dont’s

General rules and regulations: • A student must abide by Malaysian law at all times. • A student has committed a case of misconduct when: – He is found guilty of criminal charges by the court; – He is involved in any jobs, trades or the like, on part-time or full time basis, which are […]

Information for New International Students

We are very pleased that you have chosen to continue your studies at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia and we hope that your experience will be rewarding. New Students are adviced to download: UTM Postgraduates International Students Orientation Week Schedule for Semester II 2011/2012 for postgraduates students   It contains activities listed for new students during the […]

Student Activity Management System Ver. 2.0 Training

JOHOR BAHRU: Student Activity Unit in collaboration with System Unit from International Student Centre (ISC), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) has held an intensive training for UTM International Student Society on 16 February 2012. This training is for applying activies online through Student Activity Management System Ver. 2.0 (SAMS). This system is build inhouse by system […]

Off Campus / Private Housing

Students who need to rent any off-campus or private housing, as listed are recommended housing agent contact numbers and addresses. No. Property Agent Address Telephone Number 1. Skudai Parade Apartment Skudai Parade Shopping Apartment, Jalan Skudai, Batu 10, 81300 Skudai Johor 07-2890681 2. Skudaivilla Apartment Jalan Aman, Taman Skudai Baru, 81300 Skudai, Johor 07-5543812 3. […]

Public Transportation

UTM JB is a strategic place for public transportations. Students may easily find taxi by calling these numbers:- Taxi Campus Taxi 07 5537226 Taman Universiti 07 5202033 Mawar Radio 07 2352020 Khidmat Saujana 07 2388340 JB Radio 07 3559922 Public Cab 07 2413111 Intan Nirwana 07 2343443 Airport Taxi 07 5591622 As listed below are […]

Programme: Science Development Network (SDN)-PERINTIS Workshop on Strengthening the R&D Culture of the Muslim Ummah

by : Perintis On the 22nd of Ramadhan a Half-Day Workshop on Strengthening the Research Culture of the Muslim Ummah was successfully conducted by the Science Development Network (SDN) Centre in UTM comprising of muslim international scholars in co-operation with PERINTIS at Dewan al Marbawi in UTM The workshop aimed and achieved the following objectives to:  Identify strategies for directing research to benefit […]

SDNLC Pre-Strategic Planning Workshop

»Theme: Developing a strategic plan for SDNLC: what it takes! »Date: 21st December, 2011 »Participants: 38 Selected Researchers from various Nationalities. »Overall Goal of the Program: ˃The help direct the participants in developing a conceptual view of strategic planning generally and with respect to SDNLC. Educate them on the necessary components of comprehensive and realistic […]

International Leadership Training for IDB Scholars

THE 1ST INTERNATIONAL LEADERSHIP TRAINING FOR IDB SCHOLARS AND SELECTED SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY STUDENTS »Theme: Developing Leadership Competence Among IDB Scholars In An Effort To Establish A Science And Technology Based Knowledge Society In OIC Countries. »Date: 3 – 5th February, 2011 »Participants: 50 Selected Scholars »Overall Goal of the Program: This program aimed at […]

Development Seminar

»Theme: Towards attaining academic excellence and maximizing productivity at UTM. »Date: Dhul-Qadah 21, 1432 (October 18, 2011) »Participants: 31 Research Students »Overall Goal of the Program; ˃This seminar was to serve as a form of guidance and counselling/Orientation session for the participants with respect to their primary aims of being in UTM and advices on […]

Pre-strategic planning workshop

Prof Muhammad Mahmoud, of International Atomic Energy Agency, Board member of SDNLC discussing with Some participants at the pre-strategic planning workshop   Participants during the Ramadan Convention   Bro. Abdurahman Kalema Kiweewa, President of IDB Scholars Association, Malaysia andStudents Coordinator of the SDNLC Working Team Giving a brief talk about SDNLC  

SDNLC Strategic Planning

  A Cross-section of some participants from 45 Muslim Majority Countries   Associate Prof. Dr.  Nordin Yahaya, Overall coordinator of the SDNLC UTM giving the opening remarks!   Prof. Dr. Awwaludeen , Head of the SDNLC Strategic Planning Committee Leads the pre-planning  session    

Welcome to SDNLC

Science Development Network Leadership Centre (SDNLC) aims to groom leaders and change agents capable of repositioning Muslim Ummah in the frontiers of Science and Technology and innovation. Our Mission is to provide a platform to train and network Muslim Scholars by fostering collaboration in frontier Science and Technology Research utilizing creativity and innovation.  

Mutiara Srikandi

Program: MUTIARA SRIKANDI (INSPIRASI WANITA BIDADARI SYURGA) Hari: SETIAP JUMAAT Masa: 12.30 TGH – 2.00 PTG Tempat: DEWAN AL-GHAZALI Anjuran: UNIT PENDIDIKAN & HELWA PUSAT ISLAM UTM Dengan Kerjasama: RAKAN PUSAT ISLAM UTM & HEWI PMIUTM Perserta: TERBUKA UNTUK SEMUA MAHASISWI DAN STAF WANITA BAGI MERUNGKAI PERSOALAN WANITA   JADUAL SIRI MUTIARA SRIKANDI SEPTEMBER – DISEMBER 2011 BIL TAJUK PENCERAMAH TARIKH 1. JADILAH WANITA YANG PALING BAHAGIA: DULU, KINI & SELAMANYA Ustazah Naemah Binti Hamzah (Unit Pendidikan & HELWA PIUTM) 23 September 2011 2. FIQH IBADAH: SOLAT KU? Ustazah Hajjah Sharifah Fatma bte Syed Mohd Al-Masyhor (Peg. Penggerak Yayasan Pembangunan Keluarga Negeri Johor) 30 September 2011 3. KESIHATAN: WANITA CANTIK DAN ANGGUN II Datin Dr. Zainah Binti Mokhtar (Perunding Awet Muda & Kesihatan Holistik) 7 Oktober 2011 4. PERBANDINGAN AGAMA; ISTIMEWANYA KITA Dr. Bushrah Binti Basiron (Penolong Pengarah Pentadbiran Pusat Islam) 14 Oktober 2011 5. AKHLAK: WASIAT JITU DARI IBU YANG BIJAK Ustazah Hajjah Sharifah Fatma Bte Syed Mohd Al-Masyhoor (Peg. Penggerak Yayasan Pembangunan Keluarga Negeri Johor) 21 Oktober 2011 6. AL-QURAN: MARI BERTARANNUM II Sarjan Puan Hajjah Rahmas Bte Abdullah (Johan Qariah Peringkat Antarabangsa) 28 Oktober 2011 7. AIDIL ADHA: DI MANA PENGORBANAN SEORANG SRIKANDI? Ustazah Amalia Binti Roslan […]