Research Assistant Positions Available

Subject: MS/PhD Positions available in computational material science Two MS/PhD positions are available with research assistantship under the supervision of Dr Rashid Ahmed in the area of computational material science, department of Physics, faculty of science, University Technology Malaysia (one of the top ranked university in Malaysia) Skudai, Johar, Malaysia. Both positions will be funded from two different research projects. Computational Material Science is rapidly emerging area of research in present era. Earlier progress in material science was accomplished through extensive laboratory work and profound presumptions. Now this trend is swiftly shifting to use numerical modeling on a large scale, from bulk to nano and metal to bio materials, to simulate their electronic structure and corresponding physical properties at atomistic level being a cost effective and time saving approach. One of the project is about “First principles study of special class alloys with SQS Approach”. In this project candidate have to investigate some fundamental nature physical properties of a special class of alloys, having applications in high performance electronic and opto-electronic devices and systems. Other project is related to “Theoretical modeling of physical properties of hydrides”. Awareness in green and renewable energy resources is emerging every day due to rapidly exhaust of fossil fuels and their adverse effects on the […]