Online Services

Administrative Computing System

A portal that integrates all academic materials into a single platform Electronic submission of papers, peer reviewing, emailing of letter, meeting’s minutes etc. Sending letters and sharing info with other staff so easily! Web reservation application that helps allocates resources
Exercise financial control and accountability Manage your attendance effectively Book and lodge your complaints here One stop centre for books in Malaysia
Provide staff directory and personal websites Let you place audio calls over the Internet Improve your KPI data and analytical capabilities today! Sharing and accessing documents anywhere is so simple and easy
Manage classified information on human capital and resource management Manages tenders through a web page that is obtained by typing its URL on the broser.

Academic Computing System

Offers student-oriented computer systems development and integration. Exclusively for School of Postgraduate Studies administrative and management staff. The use of technology to enable students to learn anytime and anywhere A web based system to manage the students industrial training process in UTM>
For students to access their exclusive UTM mailbox A portal that integrates all academic materials into a single platform Hostel application process for both international & Johor Bahru campus A platform that enables students to evaluate lecturers
Check lecture, venues and lecturers timetable online Software directory for freeware & shareware download List of online forms related to the needs of staff Microsoft windows server centralized update services for UTM staff
Centralized file storage for UTM communities Video sharing site that allows you to upload and share audio and videos A collection of high quality digital learning materials based on courses offered at UTM