MAINTENANCE AND UPGRADING DIVISION Maintenance & Upgrading Division takes charge of the routine up-keeping, upgrading and maintenance of the campus facilities and buildings. Also famously know as BPU which stand for “Bahagian Penyenggaraan & Ubahsuai”, it has been divided into five (5) main units, Civil Unit, Electrical Unit, Mechanical Unit, Landscape Unit and Renovation Unit. Services offered by each unit are listed below: Civil Unit Repair and Replacement of roof tiles Repair and Replacement of metal roofs Repair and Replacement of Water-proofing membrane on flat roofs Repainting of road lines at main and branch road Road resurfacing Road Maintenance and Drains Inspection at main and branch roads Repair and Replacement of ceilings due to wear and tear Repair and Replacement of footpaths due to wear and tear Repair and Replacement of floor finishes due to wear and tear External repainting Minor repairs to Lecture Theatres, including replacement of damaged floor tiles etc ·  Visual inspections of buildings Daily rubbish removal Sweeping and mopping Carpet cleaning and vacuuming Periodic Cleaning of signages, diffusers, blinds, apron drain, sculptures, rooftops, external facade and glass cleaning etc Glass cleaning Toilet cleaning Inspection & treatment of mosquitoes, termites, bee hives, rodent and other common pests […]